The Trick to Finding One’s Soulmate?

April 28th, Wednesday, 2010

“Eat up what’s on your plate!” My mom would have to tell me at every meal because I was such a picky eater. “Don’t leave even one grain of rice,” she would admonish. “If you leave your plate all messy like that,” she would warn, “your future husband’s face would be pockmarked & ugly!” A fearful image would rise up in my wildly imaginative mind and scare me into sweeping all that rice out of my bowl into my mouth!
If only it were such an easy guarantee for a “good husband”. What’s “good” for one may be ‘bad” for another. Besides, beauty is only skin deep. But what indeed should our criteria be for a soulmate? Just how does one know who to share one’s life with? I don’t think my parents were equipped to help me make my decision. In fact, I don’t believe anyone could really be helpful. I have come to the conclusion that we keep changing as individuals so one would be exceptionally lucky if the person one has chosen to share one’s life with would change too. There is no trick to finding one’s soulmate…I think it must take an awful lot of good luck!

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It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood….

The Mr. Rogers’ Attitude

April 27th, Tuesday, 2010

Day 2

Remember good old Mr. Rogers?  Always so calm; Always so positive, so encouraging; Always smiling & spreading good vibes.  I didn’t grow up with his songs or those conversations with his friendly puppets.   But I did benefit from his positive energy filling my living room when my children were growing up.  Somehow, they would stop fussing whenever that calming refrain, “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood….,” filled our living room.  All crying stopped.    Fustrations forgotten.  No more stomping of feet.  No more tantrums.   I could always count on Mr. Rogers to restore peace in my neighborhood!  God bless Mr. Rogers & all other peacemakers!

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Hello world!

Hmmm…my first day on the keyboard. I tap away with a single-minded focus of recording what I find necessary to Be Happy & Stay Healthy. We celebrated my parents’ 51st wedding anniversary today. Simple. Low key. Meaningful. At dinner, I am struck by the idea that people are like spices and Life is a delicious dish. Some spices come together to make a wonderful recipe for a triumphant treat for the palate: In the same way, some people (sometimes by wonderful accident) come together to form a successful relationship, and all involved are blessed by that union!

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