It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood….

The Mr. Rogers’ Attitude

April 27th, Tuesday, 2010

Day 2

Remember good old Mr. Rogers?  Always so calm; Always so positive, so encouraging; Always smiling & spreading good vibes.  I didn’t grow up with his songs or those conversations with his friendly puppets.   But I did benefit from his positive energy filling my living room when my children were growing up.  Somehow, they would stop fussing whenever that calming refrain, “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood….,” filled our living room.  All crying stopped.    Fustrations forgotten.  No more stomping of feet.  No more tantrums.   I could always count on Mr. Rogers to restore peace in my neighborhood!  God bless Mr. Rogers & all other peacemakers!


About ikanbilis2

Borneo girl. Born in Jesselton, now Kota Kinabalu. I have lived three quarters of my life away from my birthplace. Travelled halfway around the world, but still grounded: I am at home where I am. I love where life's journey has brought me thus far. Feel so privilleged & blessed. My aim is to continue on this path, looking for what's good & true. And, if perchance, I am lucky enough to make a friendship or two along the way, I would be so honored. Let us then enjoy a lively discussion, share an experience, or simply be there for silent support when words fails us. Let's Be Happy & Stay Healthy!
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